Introducing the
Texas Thoroughbred Racing Club

Become a Texas Thoroughbred racehorse owner through this exciting opportunity.

NEW Pinhook Venture! 

The Texas Thoroughbred Racing Club announces our newest opportunity for you to get in the horse racing game.

With our 2022-23 Pinhooking Venture, we are purchasing five yearling Thoroughbreds, then selling them in the spring of 2023 at Two-Year-Old In Training Sales in Texas (April) and Kentucky.

There are a total of (49) units available at $5,000 per unit.  This Venture came to life at the Texas Thoroughbred Association’s Summer Yearling Sale at Lone Star Park where we already purchased two quality yearlings for the Pinhooking Venture, managed by CJ Thoroughbreds.  


Information & Details

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Meet the
Management Team

Led by a team with an extensive and varied background in horse racing, Grapevine, Texas-based CJ Thoroughbreds will be the administrative manager of the Texas Thoroughbred Racing Club.